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OTTAWA HEAVY METAL BAND formed in 1986 by Pete MacCormack and John Pottier (Metal John). The present line up consists of John Perinbam , Dan Lafleur , Frank Madore and Metal John.


Recent demo video after 25 years. Take a listen.

Check out the link above for the song 2069.

Ottawa, Canada’s Enforcer is a traditional heavy metal band whose musical style embraces the catchy, melodic aspects of 1980s metal and fuses them with present-day power and aggression. The music features stellar songwriting, powerful, melodic vocals, blazing guitarwork, dynamic bass grooves, and intense yet intricate drumming. The band will appeal to fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and many others.

Enforcer was formed in 1985 and has released several demos and played countless shows, including many at premier venues Roxannes and Barrymores, as well as prestigious slots opening for Warlock and Pat Travers among others.

Now, in 2019, Enforcer is BACK with a new lineup and is poised to strike! Coming soon – new studio material and live performances!



The band was formed by drummer / vocalist Pete MacCormack and guitarist “Metal” John Pottier in the Fall of 1985 in Ottawa, Canada. The band added 2nd guitarist Ron Proulx and bassist Remi Drouin in winter 1986 and a 4-song demo was released in May 1986. The band supported the demo with many shows in the Ottawa area including high-profile premier venues Roxannes and Barrymores. In 1987, with Pete deciding to focus on drumming, the band recruited lead vocalist Chris Lemyre. The band got back to work right away, and in 1988, released another demo before returning to tear up the live circuit – including playing prestigious opening slots for Warlock and Pat Travers among others! With drummer and founding member Pete MacCormack joining legendary Ottawa metallers Shock, the band disbanded in 1988.

Metal John teamed up with drummer Louis Clement and bassist Dan Lafleur in 1989, writing songs under the name Nil Obstat. With Mario Martin later taking over the drum throne and Remi Drouin returning on bass, along with lead vocalist John Jamael, Nil Obstat focused on the live stage and played many shows between 1990-1991.

In 1993, the Enforcer name was resuscitated, featuring a new line up with Kevin Spero on drums , Steve Carter on vocals, Remi Drouin on bass, and Dave Ray and Metal John on guitars. Another demo was recorded and the band continued to perform live.

In 1994 , the band split up and Metal John joined Peace Colony along with ex- Enforcer founder/drummer Pete MacCormack , Tony Ve ( Shock ), and Terry Mackay (Nefarious) . The band later changed its name to Think Tank. In March 2018 , Metal John and Louis Clement decided to re-ignite the Enforcer flame. Dan Lafleur (Second Sight, Transcendence) returned for bass duties in January 2019, and in February, the band joined forces with new lead vocalist John Perinbam (Ivory Knight).

Long live Metal Madness!


John Perinbam

A native of Johnstone, Scotland, singing from age 4, frontman John has been composing, performing, and recording with several bands, most notably Ivory Knight, Sudden Thunder, Raw Sugar, Dr. Squish etc…along with Trojan Hammer and the Jeff Waters project, both of which featured the Annihilator mastermind on guitar. With Ivory Knight, John released 3 critically-acclaimed CDs (Up From The Ashes, Unconscience, and Unity) and continues to record and perform. In 2007 he released a solo album, Knightfall, which was produced and engineered by Jeff Waters. He has also contributed background vocals to several Annihilator releases including Metal (2007), Annihilator (2010) etc…In addition to vocals, John also plays bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards. His vocal influences include Ian Gillan, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Derek Shulman, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, and many others.

Metal John

Guitarist (Metal) John Pottier is a co-founder of Enforcer and is the sole remaining original member of the band.

John was born in Sherbrooke, QC and started performing in High School, doing shows with various basement bands.

John co-founded Enforcer in 1985, and played with the band for 9 years before joining Peace Colony (later Think Tank) for about a year. John then took a break from the music scene but made a brief return in 2005-2007 for a short stint with drummer Louis Clement and guest players for many private events.

In 2018, John and Louis got back together to reform Enforcer.

His influences are mostly New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and Scandinavian Metal.

A prolific composer, John also has written a large repertoire of solo material.

Frank Madore

A native of Hull, Quebec, Frank has been playing since 1984 when he started drumming on plastic Tupperware with pens and pencils along with his first rock album: Van Halen’s 1984! He later discovered the music of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Rush and began playing drums in his High School music classes, eventually leading to live performances for the school. Frank went on to play drums for Canadian progressive masters Solar Architect ( releasing 2 albums: Ocean Depth (2006) and Wrath of Nature (2009). The band played many prestigious venues including Barrymores, Capital Music Hall, and Ottawa U and a performance can be viewed here: In 2019, Frank also recorded a self-titled heavy metal album with the project ‘A Concrete Lifeline’ ( and is continually working on new material.

Dan Lafleur

25 + years of experience, Dan enjoyed performing live with musicians in various combined styles of rock and roll which included hard, progressive, blues and jazz.

Former band member of “Second Sight” from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada produced two CD’s ; “Blood Royal Trio”, tribute band to Royal Blood ; and other ongoing original projects.

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